A Proven Controller for Active DPF


  • According to the 'Law for Improvement of Air in the Capital Area, 2003.12' and its Clause 8, the Minister of Environment must set up a plan every decade to reduce and improve air pollution in capital area. 

  • The diesel vehicles being out of warranty have to be installed DPF or be scrapped.

  • The act plan of the PHASE 1 had been carried out from 2005 to 2014 and PHASE 2 have been going since 2015.

Phase 1


Phase 2





•New Vehicle : EURO4(2006), EURO5(2009), EURO6(2015)

•Low Emission Vehicle

   (Electric, Hybrid, LPG, CNG)

•Retrofit of DPF, LPG engine

•Target : PM10 è PM2.5

•Limit the entering to capital area

•Low Emission Vehicle

   (Electric, Hybrid, LPG, CNG)

•Retrofit of DPF, SCR, LPG engine

   in vehicle, agriculture/construction  

   equipment, and vessel

•Limit total NOx, SOx  at a facility

•Improvement, fuel change, closing facility.

•Emission trading

•Extend limit-control of total NOx,


•Raising emission standard up to 30 -60%

•VOC reduction at gas station.

•Control of paint-component.

•Limit the use of cutback asphalt.

•Low NOx boiler

•New& Renewable Energy

•Extend VOC reduction at gas station

•Supply of dust/waste truck

The Act Plan for Air Pollution Control in Capital Area, Korea

What's DPF?

  • DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a celluar structured trap filtering PM(Particulate Matter) from diesel exhaust in vehicle and convert PM to the no harmful substance by oxidizing with catalytic reaction.

  • Catalyzed DPF regenerates continuously with the aid of exhaust heat or heating system. 

Current Technologies in Retrofit Market, Korea

Role of DPF Controller

  • Active Regeneration DPF can regenerate filter even during driving with the aid of catalyst on filter and burner.

  • Burner system heats up exhaust gas and controls inlet temperature of DPF.

  • Safety regarded function are included; extinguish detection, misfiring, over heating of the filter.

  • It uses diesel in a fuel tank and regenerates periodically or when back pressure increases due to soot accumulation.

  • Logging & monitoring device records in the SD card.

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