Kiddie Safe School Bus Solution

No child left behind 

It happens about once every two weeks during the school year.

A student, drowsy from getting up in the early morning hours and standing on the bus stop in the cold, falls asleep on the way to school and wakes up hours later in an unfamiliar parking lot, surrounded by yellow buses.

A mother, already at work for the day, gets a message from the district asking why her child — the one she watched get on the bus — isn’t in elementary school.

A driver, preparing to start an afternoon route on a hot day, finds a child on the bus parked in front of his home since the morning.





Excerpts from newspaper

Students keep being left behind on school buses. Is technology the solution?
By Joe Brandt | For

Pick up/Drop off Detection by Contactless BLE Beacon

  • Connected safe school bus solution based on LBS(Location Based Service) & BLE Beacon technology for ensuring no child is left behind at the end of a route

  • Automatic Pick up/Drop off monitoring

  • Mobile APP alarm to parents, attenders and driver

  • Providing daily/monthly classroom attendance board and absentee report

  • Real-time, multiple vehicle tracking on the map, supports Android/ iOS mobile phone

  • Notifications X minutes prior to Bus arrival time at home

  • Skip the stop at an absent student house

  • Route Observance: Non-scheduled drop off alert between school and students’ houses

  • Safe Driving Analysis: Reports on the driver behavior as rated score accordingly, evaluating duties like keeping up time, over speed violations and other driving habits

  • Accident alerts: In the case of the car collision or sudden stop, Mobile APP alerts to parents and attenders

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