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작은 차이가 명품을 만든다는 것은 누구나 알지만, 그런 결과물을 누구나 쉽게 만들어 낼 수는 없습니다.

2002년 창업부터 지금까지, 세계 최고 수준의 품질과 혁신을 통하여 고객을 감동 시킬 수 있는 제품을 개발, 생산하고 있습니다.


Making the ordinary extraordinary.


Small things make a big different masterpiece.
Everyone knows it, but it’s not easy to achieve it.

Since the establishment in 2002, 
LOOP has been developing and producing it with the strong commitment on the part of the company’s mission to make sure we provide the best to our customers in the field.

Loop is a leading company in tachograph technology.

Loop Co., Ltd. is a company that always researches to become the best company in the field of vehicle operation records. Tachographs are a field that needs to be able to flexibly cope with technological diversity, as all countries have different standards. Recently, we have been supplying various innovative products to the market as we have completed the development of high-tech European and Russian tachographs. 

CEO Sunwook Kim

Russian Tachograph produced by Loop Co., Ltd. supports the encryption technology of EU CR(EEC)3821/85, Annex1B. Mutual authentication between the smart card and the tachograph is performed using RSA asymmetric encryption and Triple DES.

These encryption technologies ensure the security, integrity, and authentication of data in the smart card and tachograph.

Sensing and control technologies

We have the measurement and control technology accumulated for a long time in the field of vehicle emission control. Aftertreatment technologies of burner control while driving have been proved for year in Korea. 

Fleet Management Solution

Data reception is implemented in Node.js and is operated auto-scale on the AWS Cloud.

Data is perfectly stored by MongoDB Atlas Cloud triple replication system (Scale-out Sharding).

The authentication system is fully protected by Google's Firebase Authentication.

Websites use Vue.js to enable fast screen switching (SPA) and responsive website implementation.


As the demand for drones increases, the threat to major national facilities by drones is increasing at the same time.

In line with the demand to protect major facilities such as airports and electricity, we have invested in the development of drone radar for civil use since 2019. Up to now, we have secured the X-band antenna design technology, and we are striving to secure radar signal processing and detection technology.

About LOOP


Data Encryption

Our History


  • 2016

      Oct. Safe school bus solution

  • 2017

      Nov. Fleet management solution for Malaysia's official vehicle

  • 2018

      May. Korean tachograph LDT-300BS 

      Dec. Project of idle-stop for city bus with Gyeonggi Province 

  • 2019

      Oct. 2nd Project of idle-stop for city bus with Gyeonggi Province 


  • 2008

      Apr. Change company name to LOOP

  • 2009

      Oct. Project of idle-stop for bus with Seoul City


  • 2010

      May. Project of idle-stop for bus with Ministry of Environment


  • 2011

      Sept. Active DPF Controller

  • 2012

      Aug. Korean tachograph LDT-100BS

  • 2014

      Jun. Russian tachograph

      Aug. Active DPF controller for China

  • 2015

      Apr. Ultrasonic flowmeter for custody transfer

      May. SCR controller for DeNOx 

      Sept. GPS tracker for Philippine


  • 2002

      Aug. Established LOOPSYSTEM in Seoul

  • 2003

      Apr. Moved to Anyang

  • 2004

      Jan. Established R&D center

      Apr. Get ISO9001

      Nov. Passive DPF controller

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